Tell Me A Little About Yourself.... and a Giveaway!

Doctor:  So, you know you're fat, right
Me (thinking):  I may be fat, but I'm not stupid.
Doctor:  [silence]
Me (thinking):  Okay, now what? 
Doctor:  [silence]

I left that appointment knowing no more than I had walked in there knowing.  No recommendations for a dietitian, or a weight loss counselor. So I needed to do some research, homework, and digging of my own.

I recently addressed exercise in my post "start with the joy." 

While I've talked about foundation (educational, emotional, environmental, personal relationships/support) I want to link to this post and this post that point out the mental processes needed to take the leap of faith into making your health a priority.

Most of my blog posts about recovery are about healing from injuries, and so they don't quite fit.  But what I mean by recovery is more along the lines of cellular regeneration.  Changing your body composition is a very labor-intensive request. You need to have rest days (not the same as a "cheat" day, a term that I abhor), you need to sleep (this is different for everyone), and you need to have balanced/counterbalanced exercise (i.e., not doing the same workout every day, not working the same muscle in one direction every day) in order for your body to make the changes that you're asking of it.

I've often talked about diet, but I don't want to harp on it here except to say "do what is right for you" but that the CDC says that people who food log are more likely to lose weight and keep it off.

What tied this all together for me was the BodyMedia armband. I bought mine in February of 2010 and have been wearing it ever since (I do take it off for special occasions, when I don't want a tanline, and when I need a break from "the journey").  I have found that more than anything else, the armband has taught me so much about not just my behaviors, but my own attitudes -- how I relate to food and my body.

Unlike other devices, the BodyMedia armband measures (vs. estimating) my caloric expenditure, steps taken, and my sleep patterns with remarkable accuracy (as clinically tested).  I can have confidence that the information that the armband gives me is an accurate reflection of how I live my life.  When I add food logging to the equation, the armband and the dashboard basically spells out my health for me (and my doctor, because you know I brought in the reports/data to my follow-up appointment to show my doctor just exactly what I was up to).

I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone that I come across as one of the most valuable tools when it comes to weight loss and health gain.  Why?  If you know how many calories you are burning, you can start making better choices about how you live, how you're eating, and when you should go to bed.

With that in mind, how would you like to win a BodyMedia Armband and some other fun accessories?  My awesome friends at BodyMedia reached out to me because they wanted to send me a t-shirt for all of my tweeting and I asked if they'd consider including something for me to give away.  Lexi and the BodyMedia team sent me a whole box of goodies to give away!

Included are:
It'll all go to ONE lucky winner who fills out the following entry form:
[form removed]


This is a great giveaway! I saw you posted about it on the Chris & Heidi Powell chat. When will names be drawn? Thank you for the giveaway!


I was trying to gauge the response to the giveaway -- I think I'll draw a name this Friday.


This device (which has seen better days) helped me to lose 100 lbs & keep it off! I love my Body Media, it keeps me accountable, tracks my steps, everything & thanks to you I now know about the off body feature! Thank you! I love reading all of your comments, I'm new to your site but Iove following you on Twitter too!


Meeyra: I'm so glad that i could teach you the "edit off body" feature. It's a great way to make sure you get "credit" for all the hard work you do :)


Pick me pick me pick meeeeeee! I have a Polar but have been lusting after one of these for awhile. Unfortunately I lost one of my clients so money is tight, but after being newly diagnosed with PCOS and Hypothyroid I need all the help I can get! :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway. <3


rockin' contest. thanks for the opportunity to participate. Good Luck Guys!!!


Hope my entry works. Hope I win :/ can't tell if my entry went through.


Anon--I'll need more info to tell if your entry went through.


I entered from my phone, so I hope mine went through as well. Good luck everyone!


Its me've replied to me and let me know it had :) thank you♡


Was a name drawn yet? *Anxious* ^_^


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