Naked Oatmeal

This is not a recipe. This is a philosophy.
This morning, I cooked my breakfast buck naked.

Why did I do this?

You can make love of yourself perfect at the same time you make a perfect breakfast for yourself. 

Well you all know my love for naked time.  And you all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  But I also just want to illustrate that you can multi-task self-care.  (Nota bene:  I don't encourage shaving your legs/face while running a marathon.  Make sure you put the blueberries in the oatmeal and the moisturizer on your skin.  Use a splatter screen if your breakfast involves bacon.) 

I think it's important to do things like this as it creates a solid link in your brain that your behaviors and your self-image are intricately tied to each other. 

So how do you multi-task your self care? 


bacon boob splatter is deadly! I try to work out in front of a mirror at home or at least face a full mirror at least once a day :-/


Good call!!
I think it's important to not look past yourself, but to truly look at yourself until you find love.


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