If a tree falls...

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"


"If FatGirlvsWorld runs a mile and her BodyMediaFit isn't around to record it,
does it burn a calorie?"

In both cases, the philosophical answers are much more interesting than the answers that physics give us. 

Normally, I take off my BodyMedia armband about an hour a day (while I'm in the shower and getting ready for work) to allow my arm to rest (the skin and underlying tissue) and for the device to charge.  I also take it off if I'm going into the pool or sauna.  I've taken it off for special occasions where I'm wearing a fancy dress and want to look sexy (though I'd wear it if they made me a Beadazzled armband). I've also taken it off when on vacation/traveling across country borders such as this past weekend when I went to Toronto, Canada to see Emily get married.  I left my BodyMedia armband at home and I haven't put it back on since.  Oh, and I haven't been food logging for the same amount of time..

Q:  If I don't wear my armband, and it doesn't record the expenditure, did I really do it?

A: Of course. Yes, a falling tree makes a sound. Yes, if you are active you burn calories.

But try telling that to my brain!! There are moments when I feel absolutely naked without my BodyMedia armband. I want to see my caloric expenditure after having an active day and running at the gym.

I'm a bit on edge about all of this.  I know that food logging and that knowing my calorie expenditure has helped me lose 50lbs.  But just because I'm not wearing the armband doesn't mean I don't have an idea of how many calories I'm burning.  I know when I'm being active and when I'm not.  My body feels and act differently when I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing.  I know what running 5 miles feels like. I know how long it takes. I know it burns around 700 calories in my body.  But I'm at the point where I've realized taht the BodyMedia armband confirms what I know to be true.  It's not my crutch, it's my documentation.

So, am I playing Russian roulette by going off the radar, or am I trying to be more intuitive and trusting with this whole process?  I'll let you know.   But I can say with 100% confidence that I can only do this because I have 2.5 years of data from wearing the armband and food logging.

In other news, I'm starting to feel some neck pain and weakness creep back in my life.  This is ridiculously discouraging.  Every time I think I'm doing well and putting in the effort, I get a setback.  I don't want to have surgery until being the Bionic Woman is an option.  Until then all I can really do is mitigate the damage, and listen to what my body is telling me.

I'm also trying to be more open to meeting guys and dating, but it's hard when I'm not presenting the best version of myself that I know exists.  I know that's me projecting my own issues on them -- for all I know they think I'm a goddess.


I feel terrible if I don't food log, it has been and even once I reach my target will continue to be a part of my routine. As for the bloke when the right one comes along he will look past and problems and see the amazing woman you are :)


I just started the food logging process.. Complete beginner here. I have no advice on that topic, but I do empathize. As for the guys, simon is right. When the right one comes, he will look past the problems and see the amazing you!


Oh I know what you mean. It's the validation of the numbers that makes it worth it! I like seeing calories burned and distance and all that too.

Have fun dating and don't let your negative (untrue) thoughts get in the way!


I go back and forth between logging my food. I find it helpful to take a break. It doesn't mean I eat off the rails, but nice not to log every little bit. Good topic.


I feel the same way. I must have walked over 5 miles yesterday but did not wear my pedometer or my HRM in my weights class. My whole body hurts today too, so I know I know I burned a lot to feel this burn! Just be sure to listen to your body :)


I get this. I definitely am not ready to go off the radar.

I'm sorry you've got some neck pain coming back. I honestly wish a whole bunch of us could just fix that shit and let you finally get on with your life !!


I have never heard of this arm band thing. I don't usually track my exercise calorie wise, but this arm band thing sounds like it makes it pretty easy. That;s great that you are in a place where you can do without.


Simon: Food logging is so important to weight loss, both in terms of re-educating an overweight person about portion sizes and calorie/nutrition content, but also for the person that has lost the weight to keep a pulse on what they're eating. I think intuitive eating is having the faith that you can read that pulse accurately without measuring. As for the men... at least i have great cats and awesome male friends.

Dramallama: I'm a pro at food logging, not so much the dating. I'm learning to be patient.

GetMeBack: You're right about the data validation -- it's knowing one side of the equation at all times.

Karen: I try to at least keep a running total in my head about where I'm at -- to be cognizant but not obsessive.

Lucky: you're so right that our bodies are the most accurate measure of effort -- we feel sore, our body changes, etc.

Pinky: I've been food logging off and on for two years. There was a period of six months where i logged everything. I've definitely retrained my brain, my stomach, and my mouth to be more aware of what i'm eating. You'll get there too! Thanks for the love re the neck pain...

Less: The BodyMediaFit is the best piece of technology out there, imho, for someone that wants to adjust their weight. It makes it all about a math problem.


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