Where do I want to be in 6 months?

I'm at 192 lbs right now (yeah, I know... 4lbs over my low). 
In 6 months I hope to be at 175.

I hope to be blissfully happy.

And the thing is this -- I know that I can commit to making the choices required to achieve both things.
I can choose to have a positive attitude.
I can choose to open my heart to the world.
I can choose to put in the work because I'm worth it.

In 6 months, I'll be celebrating my 30th birthday.
It's going to be a very good year.


What a great goal. My goal is 20 lbs below yours, but I would be super happy with seeing 175 on the scale just in time for summer.


I think 175 is reasonable considering my body type and musculature. I think 175 would also be smoking hot.


Great goal! you are totally worth it.


Girl, I already knew you were worth it-wake up and smell the coffee!!! ;-) I'm right around 175 now and a 10 and I do feel good. It's such a nice, average size. Ah average. I'm betting you blow that goal away in 4 months!

Polar's Mom


Goals, love goals. What is important is you set goals you believe in; goals you believe you can achieve and that are right for you. Only you know if the numbers in your goal are right for you. But it is easy to see the confidence in your words and that you believe. Go gettem Robbie!


Yay for setting good goals and working to achieve them, I know you will reach it and have an awesome birthday rocking your smokin bod!


Mertle: Not only am I worth a worthy goal, but I'm capable of achieving it.

Polar's mom: Body types are so weird. I'm a size 12 at 192. I have no idea of what I'd be at 175. Well... other than awesome.

Patrick: at 188 I still had a lot of junk in my trunk and giggle in my wiggle. I think 175 is pretty darn reasonable for a 5'9" woman.

FitB: I'm hoping to have an active birthday. Last year we kayaked. I'm thinking a hiking adventure?


You totally got this.

Body Types are crazy. I'm 210 and a size 14 but as my trainer tells me I'm also 7 foot tall! Not really 5'11



i was a 14 from 217lbs all the way to 195lbs.


Just remember that weight is not relative to happiness. You can be any size and still be happy/unhappy.
Good luck with the goals though!!!


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