My Very First Vlog

There's a lot I wanted to say here, but never really got it all in the video. Long story short, Emily had me in her apartment showi...

There's a lot I wanted to say here, but never really got it all in the video.

Long story short, Emily had me in her apartment showing me a few moves I could do outside of the gym and a few of them were really hard for me.  She told me that she'd often tell herself "I can do anything for 30 seconds."  Those words really stuck in my head -- that it was a mental challenge, not just a physical one.  I just needed to stick with it and get myself through the panic, the doubt, the fear and on the other side of all of it was someone that was remarkably capable.

So when I was running the 2.5 miles on the treadmill (something that scares me and is hard for me) I imagined Emily right there next to me saying I could do it.  Once I believe her voice telling me I could do it, I started saying it to myself (out loud, the the mirror across the gym) -- "You can do anything.  You've got this, Robby."

Sometimes if we can't trust in ourselves, it helps to have someone who believes in us begin the mantra.  I trust Emily.  I trust that she's been through all of this.  I now trust that I can and will see myself through to the other side.

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  1. Love it, Love it, Love it! Keep "wearing" that smile Robby. It lights up a room!

    Oh and I am stealing your (or Emily's)mantra. I can do anything for 30 seconds. Keep these coming. :)

  2. You are beautiful and you have absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed of! Thank you for inspiring me to KEEP GOING! Walking a mile in 20 minutes is still challenging to me on the TM so to hear you RAN two miles in 20 MIN! WOW! You GO GIRL!! Great video! Love your honesty!

  3. Vinny: Thank you -- you know, ever since starting my LCJ, I find myself smiling a whole lot more -- not necessarily because of any inner confidence thing, or even because I got my teeth whitened. I just like how I stopped looking like a cracked out chipmunk when I smiled. It's the small things, eh?

    And yes, you can do anything for 30 seconds. 30 seconds of awesomeness.

    Carrie: There will be a day when you will walk a mile under 20 minutes, look around and wonder if anyone witnessed your awesomeness, and then you'll wonder "what next" -- i'm very excited for you to experience the thrill of "what next??" Good luck hon, and thanks for the love :)

  4. You can do it! Be it 30 seconds or knock out a kick ass vlog!
    Keep smiling, keep loving your evil-mistress and keep loving yourself!
    Oh & keep hitting us up with vlogs!

  5. Patrick -- you noticed one of the mistakes in my video -- I don't call her my evil mistress -- I just blanked on the word "cruel."

    I will hopefully post more vlogs as time and occasion permits. I just hope I don't run out of things to say. I'm much more eloquent when writing versus speaking.

  6. 30 seconds turns to minutes so quickly. I can't wait to continue watching and being in awe of your progress.

  7. Emily -- oh come on... tell the truth... you can't wait to lay waste to the rest of my closet :P and replace it with way cuter stuff.

    <3 you, kittenface.

  8. Fuck yes.
    Can I say fuck on your blog? :-) too bad!

  9. Of course you can.

    As for the closet -- it's still reeling from the last time.

  10. I love hearing the voice behind the blog! And great job on that run!!!
    Love that you don't wear makeup when you work out. Its awesome and better for your skin :)

  11. Michelle: I spent a good 5 minutes going "holy crap, I sound like that?" And yeah, I will NOT wear makeup when I work out -- mainly b/c I sweat and wipe my face off with a towel. I don't want my face to end up on the towel. I let it go down the drain first and reapply if desired. You're right, it's much better for my skin. I also keep toner at the gym as well, to help make sure all the oils/dirt are off my face.

  12. Love it! I really loved your first vlog!

    Especially the addition after you watched part 1.


  13. Your gym is free? Lucky!

    I love your voice, you're so approachable sounding. You rule. Thanks for this!

  14. Nell -- it comes with the price of working at my company. I'm not sure who pays more :P

    I am glad I sound approachable :) If you ever need to approach me, please do so!

  15. How cute and wonderful are you??? Very!

  16. Love and it is awesome to hear your "real voice"! Great to see you so happy and healthy! xx

  17. FAB -- necessary edition. I was mildly horrified that I let it all hang out -- but well... that's what my blog is for. Way too much honesty :P

    Karen -- thank you for the love ;)

    Andrea -- happy, healthy, and worn out. Early to bed with this one!

  18. Hey the vlog!!! Go you for doing it unedited, not prepped and primed - I give you lots of credit b/c I know I could never do that. I really enjoyed your message and I'm going to have to remember that mantra - I can do ____ for 30 seconds!

    Hope all is well! :-)

  19. Hi Cuz!!

    It was rather spur-of-the-moment. I think if I had written a script or done a few takes, it wouldn't have come off as sincere. Oh well, balls to the wall as always.

    And you can do anything.... you of all people. I have such confidence in you!

  20. You are my hero tonight! Your words sung to my heart....dropping the F bomb, saying badass and talking about chaffing thighs has made me a FAN!

  21. What can I say? I gotta keep it classy!


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