Oh my! I didn't expect that.

Not quite a week, and I've noticed something with my GoWear Fit.
Even with erring on the side of too many calories in something, and being meticulous in recording everything, I'm totally undershooting what I should be eating, calorically speaking, and definitely not enough fruits and veggies.

To lose 1.5 lbs a week, at my weight and height, the GoWear Fit wants me to burn 2460 calories a day and consume 1710. Those 750 calories a day difference = 1.5lbs a week (or a 5250 calorie deficit). I've already burned 2015 calories today and that's without exercising.

I need to prime the pump--get the calories in my body first before my body will be okay with burning them. I mean, take today.... I feel like I've eaten a lot, and I've only had 985 calories. Egads!

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