More words to live by...

The other day I was talking about the challenges we face ... and I kept on thinking to myself "I didn't know I could until I did."

It's kinda like any experience in life, for instance food.  I didn't know I liked yogurt, until I tried it (okay, the first time I had it, I hated it, but when I realized I liked savory yogurt (with dill, salt & pepper in it), I realized I did like it).  I didn't realize I could run 10k until I ran 10k.  I didn't realize I could do yoga until I tried (even though I need a spotter to make sure I don't fall and paralyze myself). 

The point is this:  I'm always surprising myself. And as long as I'm always challenging myself, broadening my horizons, there will always be a new goal to achieve.

Good thing I'm tenacious.

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