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My friend recommed that I try one of those "we will send you everything you need for you to make a meal" services -- Hello Fresh. I have wanted to for a while and she made picking (which among many services) easy.

I have a free box this week to try the service. I have 3 meals (Argentine Spiced Steak, Pan Seared Chicken with tomato-barley hash and charred broccoli, and  Creamy Pear and Asparagus risotto with goat cheese, walnuts, and mint), but I got to choose from five. And yes, they have a vegetarian meal plan option.

I really liked how they showed calorie counts and ingredients before you ordered.

Got my first box today and couldn't wait to dig in. Not too complicated--it comes with photo recipe cards that lay out each step very well along with the timing. The portion sizes (I opted for 2 servings-- dinner and lunch the next day) are great and it gives you the breakdown of each pre-portioned ingredient (in case you want to omit it) (I love fresh asparagus; it does not love me).

I think this is great for people who are intimidated by cookbooks, grocery stores, and/or their kitchen (ahem...Dad), but want to learn how spices and flavors play with each other in a controlled environment.

I am on my balcony now, enjoying the evening breeze with my meal of Argentine Spiced Steak and couscous with a chimmichurri sauce and a glass of wine. All-in-all a pleasant and delicious experience!

If only Hello Fresh came with someone to wash the dishes.

PS: This was not a sponsored post. If you want to try your hand at some home-cooked meals with @HelloFresh, you can save $40 on your first order with my code FNJNPK at www.hellofresh.com

[[EDIT:  So... I made the 2nd meal, a chicken dish and promptly suffered a week's worth of food poisoning.  Hello Fresh (1) refunded my money and (2) changed their mailing practices.  I'm a little gunshy about giving up control of picking out my own food now.]]


That food sounds and looks pretty good. I've thought about trying it myself, especially because I'm a terrible cook. I usually eat in the school cafeteria (I'm a grad student) or I eat "convenience meals" that are sold at the grocery store. But methinks that the meals you described are much healthier.


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