A pack? A herd? A gaggle?

What do you call a group of people running together when they're not racing against each other, fleeing from or toward something, and don't have pitchforks?

All joking aside, I've been getting my ass out of bed to exercise.  On Monday I worked out at my work gym after I was done for the day. Two of my friends were there.  Yesterday morning, I planned on going to the gym, but instead I cursed at the alarm clock.  This morning I schlepped my butt out of bed and went running.  There were lots of people there at 7am.

I used to go to a gym where I'd see one or two people I knew, but it's so weird to be sweating with people who are higher up on the food chain than I am.  But did a single one judge me?  Heck no.

I think that's the point -- you do the work, you get the respect for putting in the time.
It makes you want to go back time after time.

Also, I cannot stress enough the importance of having the support to do this.  I don't have people tempting me left and right (like normal) so I know that if I get that cupcake, it's my own fault, yanno? If I drink those three vodka drinks, it's me who has to work it off. Though it's on my shoulders, having cheerleaders makes all the difference -- people asking if you're going to the gym, people asking how you're doing, etc.

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