Dear World:

I am a 28-year-old, size 14, 5'9", 217lb woman.  I know I'm obese.  I know I am fat.  I also know that I'm statistically average-sized.  I do not have my own gravitational pull.

I do not eat twinkies, eat fast food, or guzzle soda.  I play sports.  I can even run.  I know what a basal metabolic rate is, and I frequent farmers markets.

I have heard your putdowns.  I've been on your diets.  I've been the butt of many of your jokes.  I have suffered your insults, both the shallow ones and the ones that cut deep to my fat-laden core.

And you know what?  Despite your trying to put me down at every turn, I still manage to be a happy, confident, sexy woman. 

This blog is my open letter to you, World.  Just know that no matter how beaten down any entry might sound, I will remain triumphant, positive and more than you can handle.



I wish I were as confident.


Sometimes I let my bravado fill in for my confidence. The person I envision I am in my head (see: Jessica Rabbit) has much more spunk and confidence than I do. I try to let her do the speaking more than the real me who is plain tired of the struggle.


WOW! No messing with you then! Keep kicking ass and taking names! :)


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